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Thursday, September 16, 2021

From Eggplant to Salad

  I am home! Two days ago, at Irene's, we were admiring jewel-like baby eggplant. (They got a late start). baby eggplant

This morning, I was in Ohio with Marianne Duvendack, and we went for a short hike on part the new route of the NCT in Oak Openings Metropark and the Maumee State Forest.

She had graciously let me park at her house. We have a lot in common, so it's fun to visit. The forest was lovely. Maumee State Forest

I returned home this afternoon to no power and a big mess in the freezer because the power had been out for days. But I had stopped on the way home to get salad fixings, so I did get to have my yummy large salad for dinner. Then I just stuffed it all in the cooler that was still in use from being on the road. The power is on now, and tomorrow will be soon enough to deal with the yuckiness. Things happen. It's part of life. salad

It was a wonderful trip!

North Country Trail miles for 2021 is at 388.

North Country Trail, Oak Openings Metropark and Maumee SF. Toledo, OH. about 2 miles

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Ann said...

What a surprise to come home to. At least you were prepared with something to eat.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I'm sure I would have had a peanut butter sandwich, but I knew there was really nothing in the fridge for a meal, and I wanted my salad!