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Friday, September 17, 2021

One Out of Two

  I'll spare you the moldy pictures of the ick in "before" shots. But here's how I spent the day and you get to see the "after." It does feel nice to have it clean. Didn't lose much that was in the refrigerator. I had emptied it of most real perishibles before I left, and then Om left a week later. Ketchup and pickles and unopened bags of nuts and stuff like that survived.

Best find of the day: We bought this fridge, used, a number of years ago. The bottom bins were missing, and I've never stumbled across any that fit it. I did discover today that two of the large salad green plastic tubs fit in that space. Not perfect but a definite improvement over nothing. clean refrigerator

The freezer was truly awful. Everything except the bread (smells OK, but I haven't tasted it yet) was a goner. So it's looking empty, but it's also cleaned up. clean freezer

The good news is that this job is now done for a while. It takes something monumental to make me clean a refrigerator. This basically took all day. Unloaded a few things from the trailer and picked up the mail from the Post Office.

I'll tackle the big freezer in a couple of days so that the re-frozen spoiled meat will go directly to trash pickup without a day or two in between to thaw and smell bad. Everything except a package of hot dogs from the small freezer could go to the compost.

Have to talk to Om, but maybe I won't run the big freezer again until after my hike. Omer doesn't make any use of it, and there's no point in spending a pile of money to re-stock it if I'm not here.

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Ann said...

Well that's good that you didn't lose everything in the refrigerator. I can only imagine how bad it was cleaning the freezer. Cleaning a fridge is one of those jobs I rarely do. Even worse when you are forced to do the job.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- It's just never very rewarding.