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Monday, September 13, 2021

Seneca Park Zoo - African Animals

  This is the zoo that Irene and I went to 2.5 years ago. We really had a spectacular experience today. Almost all the animals came out to show off for us. I'll just show you the African animals today. They were almost all indoors on our previous trip beause it was winter. Gotta love the giraffes. giraffe

I hadn't ever really grasped how much bigger they are than zebras before today. giraffe and zebras

The elephants are fed part of the time from high feeders to simulate what they would need to do in the wild. elephants eating

The white rhinocerous was mostly just walking around, but it was startled by a small machine that was moving some materials, and I thought this was a more interesting picture.
white rhinocerous trotting

The lions were mostly sleeping, but they were fun to watch- acting like any cat of any size. Finally, the male looked up. Check out the one on the hood of the bus in the background. lions

Finally for today, there were a number of baboons. They were playing and grooming themselves. I liked this one.

Here we are: Irene, Marie, and me. We had a really good time, and there are more pictures for another day. friends

One more day for Marie and me to spend together. We plan to just chill and enjoy it.

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Ann said...

I haven't been to a zoo in ages. I always enjoy them.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Ooh, our Dada says that at the Safari Park out here, the keepers told him once that they keep the zebras separate from the other animals because the zebras are mean. Maybe that's a particularly mellow zebra."
Charlee: "Or maybe it's just a prudent zebra, given how much bigger the giraffe is!"

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- We used to go often when the boys were little, but not much any more.

Lulu- There were four zebras and three giraffes in the same enclosure. They seemed to ignore each other.