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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Crystal Hills Day 3 - Waterfall

  Today we took it easy. I had to write a news column this morning, so we didn't hike until after lunch. We realized we could do a small loop that would give us a little forward progress on the main trail, and also allow us to visit a waterfall that was off the trail, and we were thinking we'd have to give up seeing it.

You could say the hike was defined by Goodhue Creek. We had a little trouble finding the trail on the east side, but we found the crossing, and had to wade. wading Goodhue Creek

This is the view downstream. Goodhue Creek

After that, the trail followed the creek on an access road for about half a mile. The creek is down on the left. Goodhue Creek

Other treats include New England Aster with Turtlehead in the background. New England Aster with Turtlehead

And some bright orange fungus growing on stumps. bright orange fungus

We finally got to the falls known as Little Niagara. It was part of a park on Goodhue Creek. There were some campsites, and benches and a little viewing platform. This is looking down on the top. LIttle Niagara Falls Steuben County

I crossed on a log bridge to be able to get to the bottom and take a better picture. It's really nice! LIttle Niagara Falls Steuben County

We closed the loop by using the same route we bailed out on yesterday. Forward progress on the trail 3.9 miles. To the falls and back 0.6 miles. A side trip to a gravel pit when we both missed seeing a turn blaze 0.4 miles. Closing the loop 1.3 miles. Total hike= 6.2 miles.

Chicken alfredo and salad for dinner!

Crystal Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail. East of Addison NY to the junction of Beemer Hollow and Troy Roads. 3.9 trail miles, +2.3 miles side trips.

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Ann said...

That first picture takes me back to when I was a kid. There was a nearby creek that we used to wade in all the time.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- It can be fun when you have the right shoes!