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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Bell Choir Day

  This morning was the October performance day for the handbell choir. People are starting to feel better about coming out to church, and the building was reasonably full, But we recorded during the advance practice. And apparently I didn't have my camera battery pack seated in the charger correctly because I did swap the battery this morning, but when I set up to record it said the battery was dead. Hmmm. Anyway, someone used their phone to get the recordings, so the songs got to be saved.

For the prelude, we did He Leadeth Me.

It's always nice when the bells play with another instrument or a soloist. Here, Paul Garland sings Softly and Tenderly. This is a lesser-known melody for this hymn. I like this because it helps you pay attention to the words when you get overly familiar with a particular tune.

In other news: I worked all afternoon on the trailer and crossed off and added one small item on my list. 36 BIG ITEMS and 21 small ones to go. 44 days left.

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