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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Gifts for the Trailer Kitchen

  I've been buying some items to replace pieces of trailer kitchen gear that were definitely sub-standard. It's one thing to use them for a couple of weeks and another thing to use them for an entire year.

Earlier this summer, I was tempted too strongly by a new pattern of Corelle dishes- yellow and blue! The truth is that I don't like eating off plastic, and doing it for a whole year, coupled with the lovely blue and yellow... so two of each came home with me. Corelle dishes blue and yellow

Here's the array of recent purchases. portable kitchen gear

For one thing, I got an electric hotplate (top left). We'll be cooking inside a fair amount, and we'll almost always have electricity. I'll still take the propane camp stove, but this will be safer for inside.

Bottom- second from the left, and also under the pans, is a set of silicone hot pads. I needed more of these, and one definitely needs to be used under the hot plate.

Bottom right is two storage tubs. I guess these aren't technically kitchen. But Marie and I have found that it's nice to each have a bucket on the table to store small personal items. We have a tub that goes in the middle of the table, towards the wall, that holds trivets, condiments, napkins. Now there will be an official bin for each person.

Top right is two cheap salad bowls. When I want a dinner salad, or if we need to mix something, I didn't have any bowls large enough in the trailer. Dollar store to the rescue.

Now for the last items, which are all one item. The pans we'd been cooking on in the trailer were very cheap, thin and frankly, crappy ones. I do most of the cooking when Marie and I are together. I've gotten used to being really careful using the pans. But now, I'm going to ask someone else to do most of the cooking for the whole upcoming year. The pan situation seriously needed to be improved. But... it's a tiny trailer, right? I didn't want to take up too much space. If you count everything, there are three pans, three lids which can double as frying pans, and an interchangeable handle.

Look how they fit together. Nice, huh! nested cooking pots

Now, I THINK there is just one more item to buy, and that is a can opener that works well. The one we've been using is a piece of junk. The problem is that many brand new ones are equally as poor. I'd like to get a winner on the first try.

In other news: I edited almost all day. It rained too much to work on the trailer, except that I'll do a bit of painting inside the house tonight. I worked on trail food a little bit. And I did more errands. I crossed off one BIG ITEM. However, I must have miscounted somewhere, because I still have 34 BIG ITEMS (27 done) and 23 small ones (11 done) to do. Sigh. 40 days to go.

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Ann said...

I like the pattern on those plates. Those pans are pretty awesome especially how they store in such a compact way.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I really hunted to find that set of pans!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Our Dada says to-do items must breed on their own, because when you think you have finished them, there seem to be more of them ..."

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