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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Rest of the Pirate Loot

  Remeber the silly pirate video I made this summer (link below), and many of you voted it the best entry in a contest with Pages Promotions?

I won quite a few books in the "Reading Regatta," and I can't really remember which ones were for the pirate video and which ones were something else, like the "Spinny Wheel of Happiness." Anyway, the books in the wheelbarrow are the self-published ones I received earlier. I've read three of them so far. wheelbarrow with books

But the big prize, the one for the video, included a gift card for Barnes and Noble, and a gift card to use for anything you want. So, on Monday, as part of that trip across the state, I used those cards. The background is a piece of denim to use in finishing the trailer. I had quite a bit, but not quite enough, so I used the gift card for that. Now I do have enough!

And I was able to get four books at B&N. I got a book about moths, two true-crime books, and an aclaimed novel about Viet Nam that I have been wanting to read. books

Altogether a great pile of loot. This also completes the report of the trip on Monday.

And it was a great day for other news: I edited all morning, and worked on the trailer all afternoon. It was very productive. You may see a trailer post tomorrow. That said, believe it or not, I don't get to cross anything off my list. I need to redo the list so that some of the huge projects are in smaller chunks. Anyway... 73 items, 28 crossed off, 45 to go in 48 days.

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Ann said...

Nice loot.
I thought for sure you would have crossed at least a couple things off that list.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I KNOW... it's really discouraging. I keep getting almost done with something and then am held up waiting for one piece to fall into place so I can finish it.

Ufa88incombodai said...

This is amazing! I found you through your designer profile


The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Ooh! A book of moths? I want it!"
Chaplin: "No, I want it!"
Charlee: "Me! Not Chaplin! Me!"
Lulu: "You two realize there are no actual moths inside that book, right?"
Chaplin: "..... Never mind."

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