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Friday, October 22, 2021

Puttin' In Some Miles

  Cathy and I got out early this morning and put in 8.5 miles before noon! We went to 8th St on the North Country Trail (first road north of US 10) and hiked north and back.

The colors may not really get very good this year. Just hints of yellow in the woods, but pretty, nevertheless. trail in woods

Nothing special, just a cinnamon fern, but it was contrasting nicely with the backdrop. autumn fern

This view actually looks pretty nice. This is a beaver flooded area that is off the trail north of Centerline Rd. beaver flooding through trees

We cheated and arranged some pretty leaves, but hey... they ARE pretty. Red maples, looking red (and yellow) red maple leaves

Best natural find of color was two Russula mushrooms not yet chewed up by slugs. russula mushrooms

My NCT miles for me in 2021 is 405 (wow! pretty cool), NCT miles for Cathy for Hike 100 Challenge is at 69.5

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI, 8th St to Mac Rd and back. 8.5 miles

In other news: Om and I had French toast for supper- yummy on a chilly day! I actually managed to work 3 hours on the trailer this afternoon. Thought I might be too tired, but I did OK- that is good news in terms of being in shape. Worked some on hike food. Still nothing to cross off. Three of the "items" are so interlinked, that I'll mostly get to cross them all off together at the end. Really bad news is that I added another BIG itema and 2 small ones. I still have 35 BIG ITEMS (27 done) and 25 small ones (11 done) to do. Sigh. 39 days to go.

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Ann said...

At first I thought those mushrooms were tomatoes.
French toast sounds good. I haven't had that in a really long time.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- the shrooms were so bright and round! We had bread that needed to be used, so it just seemed yummy.