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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Butter-Foot Bolete

  Another new-to-me mushroom that has popped up all over my yard this week. I'm pretty sure this is Boletus auripes, the butter-foot bolete. I'm showing you the underside of the cap first, so you can see the pores. The pores, instead of gills, is what tells me it's a bolete. butter-foot bolete

These can get bigger, but the ones in my yard are hunkered down in the grass. I noticed them while hunting for a clothespin that the wind catching a sheet like a sail had sent soaring many feet away. Here's what they look like in the grass. The tops sometimes become brown. butter-foot bolete butter-foot bolete

When you break the cap the color is yellow clear through, and the bruised flesh doesn't stain any other color. butter-foot bolete

The stem can be reticulated- netted or broken into a patchwork design. A giraffe's spots are reticulated. So, I think that's a yes. butter-foot bolete

I only found one other yellow bolete in the guides, and it has one of those fat stems, so it's not a good match for these. That's two new boletes in my yard this summer!

In other news: I was having a tired day today, but that doesn't mean I can rest. It only means I get to work while tired. Laundry, trail food, of course another trip to stores and errands, worked on the trailer (and already need something else that I didn't get today). I did parts of many projects, but can you believe I don't get to cross off a single thing? Grrr. But I may finish one yet tonight. All too often, I get to a place on a particular job that has to wait for X, or to let Y dry, or requires person Z to respond... so I can't continue until that piece is complete. If I finish something tonight, I'll get to count it for tomorrow. Can I make myself do some more things this evening? 31 BIG ITEMS to do (31 done) and 24 small ones to do (14 done). 33 days to go.

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Ann said...

I spotted some kind of mushroom out in my yard the other day but was too lazy to go have a closer look.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ann- I almost always seem to want to know what "it" is.