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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

My Trailer Redo - Days 164-166 - Lower Front Wall

  The lower front wall (under the kitchen counter) is essentially finished. The upright supports and the drawer units are not fastened in yet, but I can't do that until I put the countertop in place. But everything is fitted and ready. storage in a fiberglass trailer

This all had to start with cutting some old junk off the front walls and adding, of course, more braces. fiberglass trailer wall

Then I had to do the bottom layer of foam insulation. This is turning out to be very tedious and slow. This might be the most difficult section, and that would be good news to have it done. insulating a fiberglass trailer wall

I had to figure out how wide a strip of the styrofoam I could use that would still lie fairly flush to the wall. Then to conform it to the inward curves, I cut the foam almost all the way through, and carefully snapped it so that the "skin" stayed intact. Then I glued along the edges. insulating a fiberglass trailer wall insulating a fiberglass trailer wall

Finally, this whole section was complete with the first layer. That open stripe on the right is where a shelf fits in. The blocks along the top edge are supports for the countertop. insulating a fiberglass trailer wall

Then I had to cut a piece of the white foam to fit. I did have to make some V-cuts along the bottom edge of this one to get it to fit. It's not quite 100% perfect, but it's not bad. There will probably ultimately be another layer of something over this foam, but I'm trying to get it as smooth as possible. insulating a fiberglass trailer wall

You can see the cuts. I didn't get them as straight as I would have liked, but the joints are tight. insulating a fiberglass trailer

And again, here's most of it waiting for the countertop. The afore-mentioned shelf is complete, but I couldn't balance it in there for the picture without more pieces of the puzzle. Also, notice there are bases under the drawer units. Those have custom shapes on the bottom so that the drawers will sit level. storage in a fiberglass trailer

It's hard to figure how to count the time spent on each segment, but I'm calling this three days worth.

In other news: This morning I worked on hike food and did bookkeeping for the author business. I got enough of that done that I can cross off one big item. Worked on the trailer in the afternoon, did more of the never-ending errands, and went to bell choir practice. That leaves 32 BIG ITEMS to do (30 done) and 25 small ones (11 done) to do. 35 days to go.

See Day 163- Trim


Ann said...

That was a big job but it looks great.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "It's always all about the countertops!"

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- And it's only half the "kitchen" so I can't cross it off yet!

Lulu- it sure is!