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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fugue for Chimes and Cymbal

I told you I was going to do music this season. And the walk on Sunday provided a different kind of concert. I've showed you the chimes (see link below). Here are the cymbals.

This hi-hat was bouncing up and down to the rhythm of the river. The up...

disc of ice on a stick in the river

...and the down. A movie would have been great, but since my computer crash this summer I haven't gotten all the software re-deployed to process them. Sigh.

disc of ice on a stick in the river

Can you hear the tinkling icy music of the river?

I'm blogging early because tonight is writers' group, and since I didn't sleep well again last night, I may want to crash as soon as I get home.

In other news: I wrote 1 1/2 chapters, mailed some books, got an estimate for repairing the next car problem, and I have writers' group coming right up.

See Riverside Ice
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Ann said...

Yes, I can hear the music of the river. Nice of it to do a concert for one.

Secondary Roads said...

Very nice hi-hat. Nothing compares to a drummer with humility.

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