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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Starlight 2018

This will wrap up the Christmas concerts for the year (I've gone to seven!). I'll be going to a Christmas Eve service, but that won't be all music.

I always expect great things at Starlight, and this year did not disappoint. The decor is different every time.

Starlight decor

Starlight decor

The choir opened with a song called "It's Christmas." There were quite a few pieces of music this year that I was not familiar with, but for the most part you could understand the words, so that was good. The set for the program was a storefront, and the choir was dressed as shoppers.

Starlight choir

One of the store "windows" had a Christmas dress on display- with a skirt of evergreens, of course.

And this skit this year was various bell-ringers explaining why they volunteer. Not all the motives were so great, which was the "lesson."

Starlight skit

The window on the other side was a Santa with stuffed animals. Here the shopper had just finished singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Starlight skit

One really cute song with a definitely modern theme was "Text Merry Christmas."

Starlight text Merry Christmas

The closing song was "O Holy Night." For those of you that recall my grumpy quest to find a recording of that song I liked a few weeks ago, this one made the grade. No cowboy twang, all the notes were on key, all three verses sung, you could understand all the words.

Starlight O Holy Night

And, afterwards, a nice visit with my friends Paula and Gaylynne. Since I don't manage to see them very often, it's nice to go to Starlight with them.


In other news: I worked on book formatting.

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Loretta said...

My favorite Christmas program! Wish I could have been there this year...but the retirement was a bit delayed so I am working for another week at least. Sounds like it was great as usual!

Ann said...

That looks like an excellent program. Love the way they have the stage set.

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