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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Rhythm of Branches

Right now, there's not a lot of easy beauty going on outside. We got a dusting of snow today, but still not enough to have fun on. So I went looking for some trees that were making music in their own way.

First up is an autumn olive. This is not the same tree as the one in A Shadow Revisited (link below). That tree has broken. But this one might be in the running for a new place to find a similar shadow if the snow gets deep.

autumn olive branches

This apple tree looks like one of those dancers from India with six arms. When I was a kid, some ladies from India came to our school and danced with candles and little metal things that clicked. They only had two arms each, but I was impressed anyway.

apple branches

The silver maples always seem to have a graceful swoop in their music. Too bad they are such messy trees, and don't even color nicely in the fall. Nice tone, but maybe not an instrument that is pleasant enough to listen to full time.

silver maple branches

Another apple tree seems to be trying to dance in a mirror with itself.

apple branches

Finally, today, I smiled at the jazzy symmetry of the staghorn sumac.

staghorn sumac branches

I think I have a package lost in transit, but can't check until the post office opens tomorrow.

In other news: I wrote two chapters and took a walk. On the days I write this many words, I really can't accomplish much else. However, I did get more copies of "Devotions For Hikers" printed and stapled. I was completely out of them. I think I've earned my evening cookie and a chance to read a book.

See Silver Maple
See A Shadow Revisited
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1 comment:

Ann said...

The next time I grumble about the bare trees looking depressing I will try and remember this post. It puts it in a whole new perspective.

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