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Friday, December 7, 2018

We'll Be Home for the Holidays

Well, yes, we will. But this was a name of the Ludington Area Center For the Arts annual Christmas show that I went to tonight.

I won't give you a complete blow by blow- there were too many numbers to do that, and many of my pictures aren't worth showing.

The Baldwin School Choir led off. I'm showing you the first picture so you can see how many kids are involved!

Baldwin School Choir

I loved how much they loved to sing.

Baldwin School Choir

They did two songs with complicated rhythms and about a third of the kids playing either drums or a rhythm instrument. I was pretty impressed, actually.

Baldwin School Choir

Local artist, Fremont John, sang.

Fremont John

Brothers Kai and Pascal Miller were pretty amazing. They did three German carols, and then an Irish song in trio with their teacher. They played violins, guitar, recorder, and sang.

Miller Boys

There were rock versions of several traditional songs. The violinist has a really interesting instrument.

electronic violin

Several other vocalists performed as well, including Carrie Rangel

Carrie Rangel

The program was broadcast live on local radio, and was completely free, courtesy of the Arts Center. Pretty neat local opportunity! I got to see and greet several people that I usually only run into at Christmas. Always fun.

In other news: I wrote two chapters, did laundry, and got more promotional stuff ready for tomorrow. We finally got some snow and I skied, too. Now I'm beat. Have to leave the house by 6:30, so bed is coming up quickly.

See First 2018 Christmas Concert
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Ann said...

Sounds like a fun evening. That is an interesting looking instrument. I've never seeen anything like that before

vanilla said...

An evening well spent!

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