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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Some Puzzlers

I've been saving these goodies for a slow day.

Here are five puzzle questions to ponder. Back when everyone was blogging and I would often do a monthly contest, I learned that most people don't really like difficult puzzles. And yet... I still like to think that someone must. If anyone can get all five of them correct, I will give you a free book of your choice.

When does 10 plus 10 equal 8?

When does 4/4 = 4?

Change a pig to a weasel by changing only one letter.

When does 3 = 6 = 4 with just a tiny bump?

When does 4 holes + 1 cut = 3 holes?

And now... I should have taken one more in between picture, but here's where the watercolor is tonight. Still lots to do.

watercolor of a cardinal in progress

In other news: I've been doing record keeping, and working on my newsletter and web site all day. Boring.

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vanilla said...

One of the five is quite easy but I doubt I will live long enough to come up with the others. 20% is not a great score, but there you go. I enjoyed your art work.

Ann Thompson said...

I can figure out #5 but the rest have me stumped.
The watercolor looks great

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