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Friday, December 21, 2018

Friend of the Day

I've decided the most interesting thing today was meeting Ramona for coffee. OK, I had pie too.

Joan Young and Ramona Venegas

We chatted and just had fun spending a little time together. That's called friendship, right?

In other news: I wrote the Dedication and Acknowledgements for DMS Mistletoe, did a few follow-up details, and discussed possible audiobook options for the Dubois Files books. Did grocery shopping (always a hateful task in my mind) Other than that, I goofed off. At least it felt that way after so many days of not letting myself take a break.

See Dinner with Ramona
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Unknown said...

Goofing off is good! Always nice to catch up too.

Ann said...

Coffee and pie with a friend makes for a perfect quality day

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