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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tracker of the Wayward Package

The tracker would be me.

On Tuesday night, eleven pm, I got an email saying that the bookmarks I ordered had been delivered to "an individual" at ten am. Nope. Not this individual.

package of bookmarks

My first reaction was a surprising amount of rage. It's probably good it was too late at night to do anything.

I did discover that the UPS online chat is a robot that will only answer questions of their choice. I learned that sometimes UPS hands packages off to USPS for the final delivery. I learned that neither UPS or USPS recognized the tracking number they gave me.

And then, the post office closed yesterday for Bush's day of mourning.

Today, I went in search of my bookmarks. I walked to the P.O. That gives me a walk of a perfect length (about 2 miles) for a busy day. I showed them the proof of delivery. They were a bit mystified, too, but were able to get in their system and determine via GPS coordinates (which means they did find the package even with the "wrong" tracking number) where it had been delivered.

The answer is... 107 S Harrison St, Ludington.

"The Arts Center," I exclaimed.

Well, yes, I had previously had one package from this company delivered there, but I was pretty sure I'd changed the delivery address to my own when I placed this order.

Anyway... a quick drive to Ludington, and now I have nice bookmarks to start handing out on Saturday.

Joan H. Young author bookmarks

I'll be at the Civic Center in Holland for their big Arts and Crafts Show on Saturday. Stop in if you live nearby! I'll give you a bookmark, and you'll appreciate how hard I worked to acquire them.

In other news: I wrote two chapters again today. Need to keep this up until I finish, although I'm pretty sure NO chapters will happen on Saturday.

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Ann said...

Good job tracking them down. They look great. Hope you have a successful day at the show on Saturday.

Lin said...

Ugh. How maddening! And that sort of stuff always happens when you can't do anything about it.

I'm glad you found them...they are beautiful!

vanilla said...

Wish I were in Holland today. Hope the day is a happy and productive one for you.

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