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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Riverside Ice

Had to get gas today, and decided to go a little farther and take a walk at Scottville Riverside Park. This used to be one of my favorite short walks near home, but the city has defintely abandoned the trail. I wasn't sure I'd get very far, but the view of the Pere Marquette River from the parking lot is always pretty.

Pere Marquette River

I looked to see if you could get across to the trail, where the water is often too deep, but it was passable, so I kept going.

The best finds were interesting bits of ice. This one, with the help of its reflection, looks like a large water strider leaping to escape.

ice on crossed twigs

A translucent topographic map.

ice with curved lines

Reflections are always worth a second look.

reflected trees on the Pere Marquette River

And my favorite, a display of crystal chimes waiting for the river to play a tune.

ice drips

Want to see that closer?

ice drips

I was able to follow the river to the place where there is no longer a bridge. But the water must be low. I was able to get across the swampy area and climb around above the drainage creek. I tried to follow the rest of the trail "backwards," but encountered a really messy downed tree across another bridge. I guess even that section isn't being maintained at all. The city put in a disc golf course, and no longer does anything with the trail. Makes me sad, but then again, I haven't run to town to volunteer to do the maintenance.

So I took one of the service roads back through the Old Engine Club grounds, and returned to my car. A nice walk. Since the "trail" is very much over-run by poison ivy in the summer, this was a good time of year to check it out.

In other news: I repotted a plant and wrote two chapters. OK, the second one is not quite done, but I will finish it before I let myself read.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Sad that the trail is not maintained but at least you were able to walk part of it. That last one, the crystal chimes, is simply amazing. It does look like chimes

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