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Monday, December 10, 2018

Gold Coast Chorale

I warned you that I'm trying to take in a bunch of Christmas concerts this year. Tonight I went to hear the Gold Coast Chorale.

This is a group connected with the community college, and is a bit more elite than the other choirs, in that auditions are required to join, and they do more complex music.

Gold Coast Chorale

It's pretty cool that I know five of the members. Which only means I hang around with people who do music well. I just do music anyway. Haha!

The director, Elliot Plummer, explained that their purpose is to do mostly modern choral music. Indeed, I only knew two of the songs they did. One of the ones that was new was a South African hymn, Thixo nothando. I liked the rhythms and the sounds of the words, even if I didn't know the language.

Snapped a picture of the stage before the singers came out. Modern LED stage lights can really spill intense color. Dramatic.

Gold Coast Chorale stage

The day as a whole was notable in that we saw the SUN. That big lake that moderates our temperatures also keeps us gray an awful lot of the winter. I enjoyed the brighter light.

winter sunrise

In other news: I wrote a chapter and outlined the rest of Dead Mule Swamp Mistletoe in enough detail to connect up all the pieces. There are a couple of weak areas to shore up a bit and editing throughout. I'm feeling quite wrung out with this pace of writing. But if I can keep it up for five or six more days, then it will just be editing, and I'll be pretty sure I can meet my (self-imposed) Christmas release date.

See We'll Be Home for the Holidays
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1 comment:

Ann said...

When it comes to Christmas music, I'm a sucker for the old traditional songs.
I didn't even pay attention to whether or not the sun popped out yesterday. I'm so used to the gray skies any more.

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