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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Freezer is DONE!

  At long last all the horrid parts of the horrid job of emptying and cleaning out the big freezer are done! Basically, I thawed one sink full of containers a day, composted the stuff, and washed the containers. Did the last load yesterday, and cleaned the infrastructure today. clean empty chest freezer

Just for the record, I had to throw away an estimated $553 worth of food. Sigh. Not enough to meet the insurance deductible. Just one of those painful losses. The fruits and things that I had spent a lot of time picking and processing are what hurt the most to toss out. Everything that could be saved easily fits in the small freezer of the fridge.

There was a lot of spoiled meat juice on the wood frame that I had built to hold the baskets, but a good scrubbing with clorox pretty much took care of that. It spent the night outside. I was hopeful that no animals would come chew on it, and none did.

I'm not even going to plug the freezer in and use it until after the big hike. I wouldn't be able to get enough food in it in the next two months to make it even remotely efficient. And Om doesn't really keep any things in it.

In other news: I am just about done with all the formatting for Dead Mule Swamp Singer. I also worked on the trailer this afternoon and made some good progress. Perhaps that will be tomorrow's post. My list is up to 58 things to do by 12/1, and I have crossed off 8. TO DO- 50 things: 65 days.

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Ann said...

What an unpleasant job that must have been. It looks sparkling clean now though.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Thank you! Lots of soap and Clorox!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "That sounds like a big stinky mess you had to clean up."
Lulu: "Yeah, I hope you at least got to roll around in it a little first?"
Chaplin: "You dogs are soooo weird."

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