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Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve 2018

We did a marathon of Christmas Eve stuff today, but tomorrow will be laid back.

First, we went to the Community Dinner at Radiant Church. They served over 450 people (which included something like 110 meals delivered to shut-ins). Om is in the green sweater and Joshua is across from him.

Community Christmas Dinner

Then, we stayed for the first part of the service at Radiant. You can deduce from the decor that this is more modern, but tonight they held the volume down to a level I can tolerate and actually sang some carols.

Radiant Christmas Eve Service">

Then we went over to the Methodist Church. I like their evening service. Also, the bell choir plays. Again, I was only watching this time, but I have lots of friends there. They played two of my favorite songs. I just wanted to get up and play too!

Methodist Christmas Eve Service

The choir sang "One Small Child." I haven't heard that for a while, so it was nice.

Methodist Christmas Eve Service

And of course, ending with Silent Night sung by candlelight.

Methodist Christmas Eve Service

A wonderful calming way to end the day.

In other news: Dead Mule Swamp Mistletoe is available in e-book format!

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Ann said...

A busy day but filled with enjoyment. Have a very Merry Christmas

The Furry Gnome said...

Similar Christmas Eve services here. Our new church here has a handbell choir!

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