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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching the Sun- Sort of Kitchenhenge - Spring Equinox 2011


It's been a while since we've visited Kitchenhenge. The sun may always be there, but the clouds don't cooperate very well. I rarely manage to get a picture on the actual mornings of the solstices or equinoxes. This year was no exception; so I bring you the sunrise of March 19.

vernal equinox

Remember that the red line is just to help you line up the pictures. It always goes through the same tree. The next picture is last spring, taken on March 18

vernal equinox

In 2009, I was a few days later, March 23, and the sun was higher too. It angles off toward the right as it rises.

vernal equinox

And now it's another March 23, but there's no sun here... everything is buried in white again. I guessing you don't want to see that right now. So, I'm glad that I captured that elusive sun the other morning. I carried its joy and warmth with me all day.

holding the sun

But, don't worry. I remembered to put it back in the evening.

holding the sun

See Kitchenhenge- Spring Equinox 2010


RNSANE said...

You are so funny, Joan, holding the sun in your fingers. I got a great shot, once, when our cruise ship was anchored off Key West. I put a wine glass on the rail on our balcony and positioned it so that a sailboat, in the distance, looked like it was inside the glass. It's one of my favorite of all pictures.

rainfield61 said...

Oh!!! I love that!!

I would like to hold the sun in my fingers as well.

Con Artist Trickster said...

Were the first three shots taken at the same hour?
Love the last two pictures. The sun is in my hand... :)

wiseacre said...

It's against my religion to get up and catch the sun rise.

Julia said...

Love the 2nd to last picture. Great concept and shot. I too have been tracking the sun (when visible these days with all our RAIN!!).

Secondary Roads said...

Here's a caption for that penultimate photo: "Can you believe that the sun is only this big?"

Ann said...

LOL, I love it. Very nice of you to put the sun back at the end of the day. Carrying it around all day with you is one way to brighten things up :)

Ferd said...

Be careful! Don't burn your fingers! It might be small but it is real hot!

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- that must have been a great shot! I love tricky stuff like that.

rainfield- you can! you only need the sunrise and a camera... oh, ok... you need fingers.

Hi trickster- thanks for stopping by! The first two were right at sunrise. The third one was obviously a bit after because the sun is higher.

wiseacre- you only have to move to west Michigan where the sun gets up on my time. We are pretty much on double DST because we are far west of where the line should be anyway, and then add DST on. So, this time of year, even I am up with the sun.

Julia- I know! It's so difficult when the sun hides.

Chuck- It's really a pictoral graph of how much sun we see in the winter, right?

Ann- well, I didn't want to hog it for those who need it next!

Ferd- Not at this time of year, it's not... soon, really soon.

Emma Springfield said...

Kitchenhenge is a fun place to visit.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Emma- Thanks- I wish I could get a perspective that was a bit more interesting, but I can't make East be a different place!

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