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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cold and Sparkling

It's hard to believe that it's the last few days of March and we are having single-digit temperatures at night. In fact, it was still only 5 degrees at 9 am. Those are Fahrenheit degrees, for those of you readers who use Celsius. Maggie and I took a little walk beside the road. As we came back up the driveway something was flashing and sparkling beside our decrepit barn. Do you know where?

weathered barn wall

See that grass in the area where the foundation is falling out?

ice on grass

Just ordinary icicles?

ice on grass


ice on grass
How about a long-billed bird, dipping for water? Or does he want an icy fish?

See Ice on the Pine


Loretta said...

A crystal Hummingbird! very cool find....

medical safety said...

Seems like it was carved my human hands.

Chris said...

Even though it's still so cold there, the crystal bird was very beautiful. We're still well below normal for this time of year here in Northwest Ohio too, in the teens at night. Can't wait for Spring.

vanilla said...

Beautiful camera work. Decrepit buildings are so photogenic, and the "hummingbird" shot is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope the winter leaves us soon..Beautiful icicles though!

Secondary Roads said...

Delighted by beauty. You'll find it almost anywhere you care to look.

Lovely shots taken with good eyes.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Natures beauty and its free, what a bargain.

Ann said...

much more than ordinary icicles. i like the idea of diamonds :)

Casey said...

Nice pics. I would say I hope it warms up soon for you, but it's great to see you finding beauty in the ordinary - even if it's cold!

Cool post.

Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- how could I be so silly that I didn't recognize it?

sir rob- they do seem purposeful in some ways

vanilla- Loretta sure called that one right!

Icy- the afternoons seem to be working on spring, but the mornings are brutal.

Chuck- I keep looking!

Carol- the right price and priceless.

Ann- I didn't take you for a diamond girl

Casey- There is still lots to see in the ice and snow, but even I am getting weary of it.

Sharkbytes said...

oops- sorry Chris- I missed you- yes, I think we are in the same cold pocket you are.

RNSANE said...

Your weather is cold enough to create diamonds and tiaras and here it is 80 degrees! Amazing.

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