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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

While I Was There

knots on barn wood

While I was at the barn yesterday I took a bit of a look, other than just the usual sighs over the fact that it's falling down and we can't afford to do anything about it. Old wood has such character!

gable of weathered barn

Didn't realize how colorful this one was until I looked at it on the computer.

knots on barn wood

And this one has color, shape, texture... whatever you want.

I have a mystery cocoon. With or without an ID... come back tomorrow to see.


rainfield61 said...

Old wood is always better than dead wood.

Secondary Roads said...

I really like the way you not only see, but you perceive what is there.

vanilla said...

More of the charm
of decrepit old barn!

Ann said...

I have a fascination for old barns. I imagine if it was my barn that was old and in need of repair I wouldn't be so attracted to it but I have always loved the looks of them. They just have so much character, a story to tell.

Loretta said...

Someday you will have some beautiful wood to make picture frames, tables, whatever. Great photos!

Lin said...

It's beautiful. :)

What? A cocoon???

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- Yes... deadwood has all those bad connotations

Chuck- thanks! I try, but I don't seem to see some of the stunning views that "real" photographers get

vanilla- a friend with rhyme is
good for all time

Ann- they really do, but I would be happiest if ours could be kept from falling down, and have usable character, but alas... it's not looking good for that outcome

Loretta- heck- I could rip off some of those loose boards now- might as well

Lin- in small spots, it really is.

RNSANE said...

I have always loved seeing old barns in the distance but I guess they are much more useful to their owners if they are sturdy and can seve the purpose for which they are intended.

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