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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Dark to White

There are so many things I can show you from the Philadelphia Flower Show, and some fun things have shown up at home too. It's hard to choose what to blog about next. But it's an easy transition from dark plants to white and near-white plants, so that's what you get today.

In fact, there was a garden that was created specifically as a White Garden. Here it is.

white garden at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

At least this garden had all the plants nicely labeled. On both outside edges is Scotch Broom, Cytisus 'Moonlight.' The plant left center with large leaves is 'Looking Glass' Begonia. Right in the center is a Dusty Miller, Centauria cineraria, and behind that with the white puffballs is a dwarf Fothergilla, Fothergilla gardenii.

There were a couple other white plants that weren't in this display, but they would fit well.

licorice plant at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

This one is Helichrysum thianschanicum 'Icicles' Licorice Plant. And I think the one below, the African Blue-eyed Daisy, Osteospermum sp. would work well, too.

blue eyed daisy at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

I'm not sure that I would want a garden with all pale flowers, but it has a certain beauty to it. How about you? Would you use all the white plants together for a dramatic swath, or mix them with brighter colors?

See Philadelphia Flower Show 2010 - Textures for a couple more pale plants


RNSANE said...

I go, much more, for the bright flowers - the more tropical colors. Hot pink, fuschia, lemon yellow, purples,etc. White every now and then is nice but I don't think I'd do a whole planting of white flowers.

teecup said...

The less obtrusive, the better for me. I prefer to be in a garden filled with pastel colors, so white will be just right :)

Ann said...

the white is nice and it does make an attractive display but I like color. I would have to mix them.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I am thinking how beautiful the photos are, in real life they must have been a real treat.

vanilla said...

In my garden, I think white for accents. The all-white area is an interesting concept, though.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Carmen- I can tell how much you like colors by the memes you participate in!

teecup- yes, even the white is muted by the green tones, isn't it?

Ann- I like to mix them too.

Carol- It all looked and smelled so alive!

vanilla- I like the all-white as a garden that I would visit, but I think I need more color in one that I will be looking at day after day.

Ferd said...

I go for the bright and colorful flowers, too, but you made me look and think twice with the large variety of dark flowers/plants. It's always good to have contrast.

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