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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Eagle, the Crow, and...

... the eternal triangle. One of them, anyway.

eagle, crow and dead deer

Here's the triangle. At the upper left is a bald eagle, and at the upper right a crow. The bottom point, I'm sorry to tell those of you who find these things gruesome, is a dead deer. Maybe this triangle is pretty normal after all. Both the eagle and the crow are in love with that deer. For lunch.

bald eagle

Actually, the eagle had been there since breakfast. As I drove by, on the way to a hike last Saturday, I saw it sitting on the deer carcass, tearing out strips of meat. That highway is quite busy, but the eagle didn't seem to notice that cars and large trucks were zooming by, just five feet away from it's meal.

Much to my surprise, it was still there munching, when I headed home four hours later. So I turned around and came back. The eagle wasn't crazy about that. It left the deer and parked in the birch tree, where it watched me carefully. I parked and watched the eagle. That's when the crow thought it might have a chance at a snack.


But the eagle gave the crow the... (forgive me)... eagle eye, and the crow didn't even take a diving swipe at the deer.

I was trying to get decent pictures through the windshield, on a misty, rainy day. Then, someone pulled up behind me, thinking that I was having car trouble. Well, that was more than the eagle was willing to put up with.

eagle in flight

It flew away... so I did too.

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RNSANE said...

Gosh, that deer must have been big enough to feed both the eagle and the crow but, of course, I'm sure the crow wasn't willing to risk being a fresh eagle appetizer. You got some nice shots, though. I like the one of the eagle soaring away.

sir rob said...

I thought the other one was on the trees too. LOL That was very lame of me.

It's could be festivities for the eagle and the crow.

Rick (Ratty) said...

Eagle! I love it! I've seen a lot of dead deer here. Too many deer in a busy area. It's a shame. I hope both birds got their fill.

spinninglovelydays said...

How amazing (for me) to be able to observe your national bird in the wild (and near a road too)! I think the only Philippine Eagle I ever saw was the one at this sanctuary/zoo place. It's very endangered.

Ann said...

Wow, that must have been one hungry eagle to hang out at the lunch buffet for 4 hours. I see way too many of those dead deer along the side of the road but I've never had the pleasure of spotting an eagle dining on one.

Loretta said...

great shots in spite of mist and windshield. Love the photo of the Eagle taking off...

sisko said...

That's so great to see. It's pure nature.

vanilla said...

Misty windshield or not, those are great shots.

Lin said...

I got all excited when I saw your triangle because Em was just beefing about her Geometry class and how she'll never use it in the real world. I guess she will--there's the triangle of death right there!!

Very cool to see the Eagle. I'm surprised that the crow backed off like he did. Very interesting.

rainfield61 said...

A very interesting story.

But a sad story to the deer.

Secondary Roads said...

Great story and pix. It's also a circle of life. At least I choose to see it that way.

Yesterday, as we were driving to a meeting, I saw a bird working on some roadkill ahead of us. I said to Sylvia, "That looks like a very big crow, doesn't it?" As we got nearer we saw it was the first turkey buzzard that we have seen this spring.

Emma Springfield said...

Marvelous story. Your final picture shows how majestic the eagle is.

wiseacre said...

great catch, wish I'd spot an eagle. I found my own gruesome remains today though. My porky buddies are no more :(

Lynne said...

Great pictures,especially for such a gray day! It's amazing how comfortable birds may be with the human flow of traffic.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- plenty big enough... but no, a crow is not going to challenge an eagle. A group of crows will take on a hawk, but I've never seen other birds harass an eagle.

sir rob- There was plenty of food, if they can work out a time share

Ratty- it is too bad that there is so much carnage, but there are way too many deer for the area, so it happens a lot.

Ivy- how nice to see you! Wow... you have a native eagle? How cool.

Ann- I've wondered if he left and came back later and I just happened to be there both times. It does seem like a long to stay.

Loretta- I nearly didn't catch it- it swooped right over the car

Stew- nature the way it works- except the deer was almost certainly killed by a car, not coyotes or something

Vanilla- thanks! I took a whole bunch, but these were the best

Lin- Ha! Yes, one should always avoid the triangle of death! I've never seen small birds take on an eagle.

rainfield- yes, sad for the deer, but we have way too many- part of the reason so many are killed in the road.

Chuck- eagle, vulture... so different in national psychology, yet so similar in eating habits.

Emma- It felt very wild and natural, even if it was beside the road

John- bummer... what got a porkie? car, I suppose. Darn. I like them, but in PA there are so many that some roadkill would be good, like the deer here. Management plan by vehicular manslaughter.

Lynne- They seem to know that the ones whizzing by have no interest. But the eagle didn't like me stopping there, even though I wasn't very close (used the zoom of course).

Ferd said...

What a great opportunity! Terrific story and photos!

Gail and I have been following with great interest two live eagle cams, one in W. Va and the other in Va. - Life in an eagle's nest with little eagle hatchlings is full of life/death drama. These are magnificent birds, quite worthy of being our national symbol!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ferd- the eagles are becoming quite common here again, but I've never seen one so boldly eating beside the road.