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Saturday, July 11, 2020

My Trailer Redo - Day 108- Table Decision Tabled?

Here's my dilemma with the table. There are two basic ways of holding the table in position for these bed/table combo areas. Mine came with a pedestal and post system. The post fits into two flanges- one on the floor and one on the bottom of the table. You lift the table off and pull the post out to put the table top down into bed position. Then the post just rolls around wherever you put it.

In this picture, I just have the post balanced on a piece of cardboard so it won't scratch the vinyl. If I use this system, I have to screw that flange to the floor.

trailer table with a post and flange system

However, this is the old table, and when I get that far, I'm changing the length and shape of the table. If I use this system it will need two posts, and neither one will go in the same location as where it is now. You can probably guess that I don't want to screw that flange through the vinyl in a location that might change.

Actually, I don't want to use that system at all. What I prefer to use is the lift table bracket system. If you've seen these, you know what I mean. If you haven't, it's hard to explain. Basically it's a big "wire" hinge that is fastened to the back wall and the table. When it's swung down, the table rests in place to make the bed. When it's swung up, it's at table height. There is also a single leg on a hinge near the front end of the table to provide support. This system, once you get it installed correctly, is much easier to use, and much sturdier. I bought the hardware for this last summer.

However, I was afraid it was going to make the table top higher than I wanted, and I was right. That "wire" (actually bent rod) on the table is the hinge part. I need the length between the red lines to be an inch shorter. I've emailed the company to see if they have this size or can make me one. If not, maybe I can get one made. In either case, I'm probably not going to be able to get it in time for this trip.

trailer table hinge part

What I think I can do is mount the floor flange on another piece of plywood that will just sit on the floor, to give it stability. It won't be as solid as fastening it to the floor, but it will give me more time to hopefully get the part I really want.

I also put the other structural wall back in and toggled the other bench front up to use again for this trip. (It needed the paneling fastened on better. Staples just rattled loose.) You have to have both benches inside to be sure you have everything positioned correctly before fastening things. The "table" has to fit precisely in place on those bench edges. Still no holes in my precious vinyl! But probably tomorrow. Once the benches are really positioned, there's no reason not to screw those down.

inside a partially finished fiberglass trailer

My goal for right now is to get the door side bench done. At best, I'll get the door side looking pretty good. The other side has to have a lot of wiring run across beneath the wall covering anyway, and I won't get that far right now. I'd like to get some of the insulation and wall covering done on the door side, just to see if that is actually going to work the way I want it to.

Then I plan to tack the kitchen area back together, pretty much the way we used it last fall. That was basic, but highly functional. I'm not ready to start any finish work on that yet.

The sky was glorious! The temperature was better! The biting flies were busy, and the wildlife was curious. The chipmunk came to the front door and apparently thought I was going to let him in. (Not.) I was running the sander (should be able to show you that part of the project tomorrow or Monday), and the woodchuck ran right under the sawhorses, turned around and sat up and looked at me! Then a deer came and stood about 10 feet from the trailer and watched me.

blue sky

See Door Side Bench

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Your work is so good that you attracted an audience :)