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Sunday, July 12, 2020

My Trailer Redo - Days 108, 109 - Door Side Bench Seat

I wasn't sure I'd get this done today, especially since I spent hours in stores (but I did come home with everything I was looking for). I had to wait at the lumber store for them to get down a new pallet of 2x2s, and this is quite a process. The sales person has to go for a spotter. Then they have to close off two aisles with expandable gates- the aisle where the stuff is and the next one (I guess in case the person using the fork lift knocks something off the back side). Then they have to get the fork lift, and bring down the item from way up high, and then it has to go in its sales spot. Then they can open the aisles again. The good news is that I got some nice straight 2x2s instead of the garbage you usually have to settle for.

Well, this project started yesterday, with getting some polyurethane on the pieces of the bench seat. I had cut them out last year, except for the split where a hinge was to go. I cut the finger holes and sanded them enough to get the crud and splinters off. These aren't being finished for their good looks. In fact, I used "junk" plywood for some of it. I'm coating them to protect from more mold damage in case things get wet again. And it does keep the splinters down and makes them easier to clean.

polyurethaned wood pieces

Finally home with all the pieces of the puzzle, I put together the framing for underneath the seat.

framing under a small trailer bench

Here it is all put together. The worst thing about it is that the bunk space is not a rectangle with a rounded end; it's a parallelogram. I knew that, but was not willing to cut the plywood pieces in such a persnickity fashion. So I had to choose whether to align the front edges with the bench edge, or the side edge with the wall. I chose the front edge. These will all be covered with cushions anyway.

small trailer bench

The left and middle sections open to access the storage underneath around the wheel wells.

storage under a small trailer seat

There is no other news, except maybe the shopping. I found chunky peanut butter and graham crackers at Aldis! I really should be doing some other things besides the trailer, but obsession has kicked in. I just want to make progress!

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Ann said...

You're moving right along with the trailer.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like progress!