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Saturday, July 18, 2020

My Trailer Redo - Days 107, 114 - Cushion Fun

The subtitle of this is The Packrat Chronicles: Volume Umpety-Eleven.

I was going to wait and show you this at the very end, but it's the main thing I did today, so I'll 'fess up. Now don't get too excited. These are not finished at all. I don't have the new foam yet. The sizes of the cushions will be longer than the current ones, and there are a couple of other little decisions to make too.

But, what I did was piece together enough fabric (from old blue jeans I've saved for years) to make the tops. Then I just safety pinned them over the old covers which I detest.

trailer bench cushions

This will not be ideal, but it will allow me to make a couple of decisions. For one thing the denim may be too stretchy without a stabilizer backing fused on.

The other thing is that with the factory trailer design, the back cushion has to be scrunched around the corner when upright. This is because it has to be the same length as the straight edge of the seat cushion so you can make the bed. You can see that this doesn't look great. The busy-ness of the plaid on the old cushions sort of hid the wrinkles.

photo label

But there are other options. I could do the cushions in sections which velcro together. I could do the cushions in sections with fabric "hinges." I could leave it like this and velcro it to the wall- it sure doesn't like to stay in this position.

Anyway, this looks nicer than the old covers even with the safety pins, and it will let me check out how it will work.

The very high humidity slowed everything else down today. It sure slowed me down! But it also increased the drying time for all the projects I was trying to do. The glue on the last block of wood on the back wall wouldn't dry. I had to wait till mid-afternoon before I could remove the brace under it. And that meant I couldn't be rocking the trailer doing other things, because that block would just slip off the brace and slide down the wall!

I started to fiberglass the side blocks in, and I did get that done, but I had to wait a long time between steps because it also didn't want to dry. Finally I was able to start the middle set, and I have one more batch of resin to mix and put on. I'm going to do that yet tonight so the back wall will be ready for the next step tomorrow.

It's supposed to rain in the night. I sure hope so.

See And Some of the Trimmings

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Ann Thompson said...

What a fun way to cover those cushions.