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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Interloken and Interlaken

  Hiking and then visiting. So they both have to go on today. First, we finished hiking the Interloken Trail. Total of 7 miles more to complete the north end. Interloken Trail Every once in a while where the forest had been opened up to create fields and pastures there was a nice view across Seneca Lake view across Seneca Lake Most of the trail was wooded and green Interloken Trail I have some other neat details to show you, but they will have to wait for now because this post is going to be picture-heavy anyway. We ate lunch on the banks of Teeter Pond, and just after we ate got caught in a brief downpour. After the storm this was the view. Teeter Pond Then we went back to Interlaken, my home town. After cleaning up, another friend, Sharon, came to visit with us and with Dick and Darla who are hosting us for a few more days. This is Darla and Dick. friends Sharon and Dick were in the same class, but I was 3 years ahead of them. There is certainly a sense of place when you grow up in a small town. We all had most of the same teachers, and we all attended school in the building I showed you a couple of days ago. friends It was a fun evening. Here is Sharon and me. Her career was as a librarian, and of course you know I'm a book person, so we seem to have a lot in common. friends Here are the five of us together. Poor Darla and Marie have to listen to all these stories and jokes of people they don't know, but the stories are funny, and some of them just resonate because of shared human experiences. We've all cared for aging parents and friends. Some have had health issues of their own. It was a fun evening. friends Tomorrow- more visiting, but there will be some pretty scenery to show you too, I think.
See Interloken Trail South

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Ann said...

Spectacular view. How nice to get together with old friends. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself.