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Sunday, July 19, 2020

My Trailer Redo - Days 114, 115 - Back Wall

Today, I got the back wall as good as it will get for this trip, and began doing some of the little things that are temporary finishing touches. But I'll just show you the wall in this post.

I can't put the old window frame on because the curved wall prevents that wide frame from fitting. I'll figure another way to fasten the curtains for now. That also may help me decide to do something different on the curve. I already have another idea.

interior back wall of a fiberglass trailer

Underneath the paneling, the blocks to fasten the table to are all fiberglassed in, and I cut insulation to fit around them in the spaces where there is depth enough. It's fine that there isn't insulation everywhere. I'm not adding it with any thought of winterizing the trailer. The hope is that it will prevent the condensation which has been a persistent problem with the single-wall fiberglass.

Wonder how I cut that? I made a template from newspaper. Came out pretty good!

insulation on the back wall of a fiberglass trailer

And I cut a scrap of paneling to more of less cover that one extended piece of insulation on the other wall. It will look better, but it will also keep it from flapping when I'm on the road. There is so much torque and whatever as you go over bumps, particularly if not even side-to-side, that there is a lot of stress on everything.

partially finished wall of a fiberglass trailer

More small victories to make the trailer more comfy and usable for this trip. Will show you those another day. I think there is only one more "issue" for me to solve. I couldn't get what I was looking for today, but I got something else to try instead. Stay tuned.

Oh, and I need to have the tires checked. They are pretty old at this point.

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