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Friday, July 31, 2020

Fun with Elaine

  Marie and I spent all day today with my friend Elaine. We did a lot of the sort of chasing of memories that I did a few days ago. First stop was our old waterfall friend, Taughannock. Highest free fall waterfall east of the Rockies at 215 feet. Taughannock Falls We did some more driving around town. This is the library where I got my first library card at age 4. I had to prove to them that I could read before they would issue it. Challenge met. I got my card. Interlaken Public Library Then we went to see an osprey nest. Mom was on the nest. osprey She did some flying around while we were there. osprey And dad was about a quarter mile away. osprey Then we drove past a house Elaine used to live in and some other places near there, including this hill. Butcher Hill. It's about a mile long. The pastor at our church when we were in junior high was great with youth. This hill is not plowed in winter, and he took the whole youth group out there and put lanterns along the edges of the hill. We would sled, toboggan, etc down the entire mile and then walk back up. You could manage 4 or 5 rides in an evening if you were quick. There was a bonfire at the top with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Great times. Butcher Hill Finally we ended with a short walk on the same trail Marie and I hiked yesterday. Here I am with Elaine. hiking Then we went for ice cream! It was a long, social day. I'm hitting the sack.
See Interloken and Interlaken


Ann said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. That would be so much fun sledding down that hill.

Larry said...

Ice cream again, good choice