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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Revolution in a Cage

This day lily is the variety 'Revolution.' I paid money for this one and I really, really love it. Last year the deer ate every single bud - no flowers to enjoy at all. This year, in addition to the sonic deterrent, I put the flowers in a cage. It's ugly, but at least they get to bloom.

maroon day lily variety 'revolution'

Here's a low shot with two of the surviving coleus. I'm always picturing what the ideal would be instead of what I have to settle for. Wouldn't this be lovely with clumps of the lily surrounded by nice full banks of these coleus?

maroon coleus

I worked all day long on the corner trailer wall. Not quite done, so I'll wait to show you. The weather may not be conducive to outdoor jobs tomorrow, but I have plenty I can work on inside the house. Finishing this one wall section is probably going to be the last big trailer project before my trip. Well, except for fiberglassing some wood to the back wall for the table brackets, but that's easy. Then I have to put the kitchen end back together, and start loading the trailer, and cleaning the house up a little bit!

I'm beat, but feeling confident that I'll get this wall licked the next day I'm able to work on it.

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Jean Davis said...

Take clippings of your coleus in this fall and root them over winter so you have nice big plants to use in the garden next spring for 0 dollars. :)

Ann said...

Those lilies are pretty. Seems like I've always got a picture in my head of how things should look around here. The reality shot never matches.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Those deer! They always think everything is their salad bar!"

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