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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


  What do you do when there are only 2 people, but you want pie? You have pie for dinner, and then there is still plenty for tomorrow too. pies

Are they good? Meh... I had a can of pumpkin, so the pumpkin filling wasn't made entirely from scratch. I had 2 bags of apples I needed to use, but they weren't good pie apples, so the apple pie is too sweet. I really like Northern Spies for apple pie, but maybe that is an eastern variety. I've only found them in Michigan once. But I do make good crust.

In other news: I cleaned up the house a bit. That and pies took up the whole day. No walking occurred. No writing occurred. Josh is coming over to eat with us tomorrow. There you have it.

My microscope camera toy replacement came, but it doesn't work right either, so I returned it. Not giving that model another chance. The next better one is a whole lot more money, so it's probably not happening.

See Pi(e) is a Relationship


Ann said...

The pie looks good. I've never been very good at making pies unless it's the kind you pull out of a box and pop in the oven.
Too bad about your microscope camera. I wouldn't try another one either.

Marie Smith said...

Happy Thanksgiving from this follower in Prince Edward Island Canada.

Secondary Roads said...

I remember Northern Spy apples when I was growing up in mid-Michigan. They were very good in pies. I liked to eat them raw too, even though they are not as sweet other varieties.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- my bread is always iffy, but I do make good pie!

Marie- Thanks! Nice to see you.

Chuck- I may have to do something about this- buy some out east, bring home and freeze?