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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Discouraged / Encouraged

  The last few shingles to come off were exceedingly stubborn. The original roofer actually did a good job of sealing the edges that butt up against the vertical wall of the other section of the house. That made them really hard to get off. Especially up there at the top where there is no space to work, and the angle is too steep to balance on. old shingles on a roof

I took me two "shifts" (An amount of time I work until I get too annoyed, thirsty, tired, cold, hot, whatever. Usually about an hour, but it might be 90 minutes or 30 minutes.) to get those last shingles off, and the roof swept. 2.5 hours! I was pretty discouraged. When I finished last night my hips were sore, my butt bones were sore from scootching along the surface at odd angles, and I was much more tired than I thought I should be.

But at 2:45 today, I finally had a clean surface. tar papered roof

Took a rest and started taking shingles up. Did one shift, came in for a drink, and realized that I was not sore at all and I felt pretty good. Decided I had better take advantage of that and do some more. I got two full bundles put down before it started getting chilly and dusky. new shingles on the edge of a roof

This should go pretty quickly now! The only part that gets tiring is carrying the shingles up the ladder.

Once again, there is no other news, but that's OK. This is what I'm supposed to be doing this week.

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Ann said...

Well done. You'll have this job done in no time.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Ann! It is going well.

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