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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Cartier Park Quickie

  Cathy and I met this afternoon for a fast four miles at Cartier Park in Ludington. Covid cases have been on the rise here, so we kept our distance, but it was nice to chat a bit.

There weren't a lot of photo opportunities today. The best is the view of Lincoln Lake with light coming from under the clouds. Lincoln Lake

A rock covered with moss and a chalky corner broken out. That seemed a little odd. mossy rock

I liked the jelly-roll log quite a bit. In better light this has possibilities to be an interesting picture. spiral log

There were lots and lots of squirrels out, both the regular gray ones and the black color morph. But none of them was very interested in having their picture taken. gray squirrel

We walked about four miles on the loopy bicycle trail. That was nice- to be off pavement. I took more pictures, but none of them are really much good. Then I went to bell choir practice. So far, we are still being allowed to practice.

In other news: I wrote 859 words for Dead Mule Swamp Singer. That's about all- oh, a tiny tiny bit of cleaning.

See Cartier Park- Ludington


Ann said...

That log is fascinating. What a great find

Lin said...

It feels good to get out in nature, no? That is the only thing that keeps me positive since March. Nature heals in so many ways.

After a bad wind storm, there were a few trees down on our trail. One dead tree on the ground left us with some fun things to explore. This tree was the home to many flickers over the years...and we could explore their former nests a bit as the tree split in so many places when it fell. That was a fun find!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I did think it was unusual

Lin- I LOVE flickers!

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