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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dad's Football Uniform

  I have one other sports set that was my dad's. This is his high school football uniform- most of it anyway. Again, like the baseball uniform from yesterday, this is 98 years old. Here are the pants. Oddly enough, I remember Dad wearing these to work in the garden because the knees were padded. But I guess he didn't wear them out- no holes. Maybe he decided that he didn't want to wear them out.

The mice did not get into this! Interlaken High School football uniform

There are two surviving pieces of undergarments that went with it. There is a sort of jerkin-like top, and undershorts. Both lace up the front. The pants and undershorts are both made of canvas. Interlaken High School football uniform

I do not have any kind of jersey that would have had an "I" or other logo on it. And these clothes do not have a manufacturer tag. However... how cool is this? I have the shoes. Interlaken High School football uniform

You might be interested in seeing the thigh pads. These tie inside the pants. They are quilted cotton, like ancient Chinese armor! It seems to me they don't have enough places where they are secured. I think a player would have had trouble keeping them in place! But maybe they were to be worn inside those brown shorts. Interlaken High School football uniform

I do not know what position he played. However, he was tall and very thin, so probably not one of the backs!

In other news: It was a beautiful day, and I should have walked. But somehow other things just filled the whole day. I did another tub of cement in the well pit and did some cleaning up. Now the cement just needs to set up for me to finish this fall's jobs down there. The temps in the 40s is not great for that, but hopefully, it will be ok in a few days. I have suddenly been hired for quite a few editing jobs, one of them a rush, so I'm spending quite a bit of time on that. And then there is my other project... having fun... may reveal it soon.

See Dad's Baseball Uniform


Ann said...

This is pretty cool. I wonder how the pieces of this uniform compare to the ones they wear today.

Lin said...

WOW! So, what did you do with the uniforms? Did you donate them to a historical society or something?

We have Joe's dad's old navy uniform in the closet. I am not sure what to do with it...or why Joe decided that is what he wanted from his family home. Ugh. Two wool "shirts", pants, 3 hats and a pea coat. Yep. In my closet. Forever.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Well there was a lot more padding associated with my son's uniform when he played around 19901

Lin- They will eventually go to the museum in that town.

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