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Monday, November 16, 2020

First Snow- Winter 2020- 2021

  And... here it is! It started late afternoon, and probably won't last long. I always think the first snow is so pretty- the way it decorates everything. The grasses aren't broken down yet, and the flakes are soft and puffy. first snow

I love the monochromatic tones of winter sky and snow against the trees. first snow

First snow of any significance was November 6 last year.

In other news: I wrote chapter 9 in Dead Mule Swamp Singer. I walked to town to meet with someone. I walked a total of five miles. Then I came home and have been editing a book for someone else ever since.

See First Snow Winter 2019-2020


Ann said...

It does look nice seeing everything covered in a blanket of white. Of course that's only if you are looking at it through a window and not out shoveling it.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- no shoveling yet, and I'm pretty sure the snowblower is fine

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