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Monday, November 30, 2020

Dad's Graduation, 1922

  I have one other special item from Dad's high school years. This is the cover of the program for his graduation ceremony. It says "Class of 1922, Interlaken High School, Commencement Exercises, Monday evening, June 26, 1922, at eight o'clock, Reformed Church."

On the other flap is "Class Officers President: Floyd Wyckoff, Vice-President: Margaret Stearns, Secretary-Treasurer: Marian J. Marsh." and "Class Roll Mary L. Bond, Marian Cole, Julia A. Essom, Alice M. Laycock, Ray F. Leary, Marian J. Marsh, Margaret E. Stearns, Milton J. Wickham, J. Floyd Wyckoff." 1922 graduation announcement Interlaken New York

The program was folded and slipped into the cover. This is the outside of the program. "Commencement Exercises of Interlaken High School held at the Reformed Church on Monday evening, June twenty-sixth 1922. 'Never Give Up' (class motto), Class Colors: Blue, Pink and Bronze."

The other face says "Principal Gordon B. Springer, Board of Education J.B. Bradley, B.R. Hewlett, T.B. Freestone; Class Officers Floyd Wyckoff, Margaret Stearns, Marian J. Marsh." (That last name is going to be familiar to some readers, and in fact, Dad went to school with her from elementary grades upwards.) 1922 graduation announcement Interlaken New York

Finally, the actual order of the program.
Music.... Orchestra (one has to wonder how many pieces were in this orchestra in a school of an estimated 50 students, tops)
Invocation.... Rev. Reller D. VanWagenen
Salutatory.... Homemaking a Profession... Mary L. Bond
Vocal Solo.... Mrs. M.B. Morehouse
Physical Education.... Marian Marsh (and she did become a physical education teacher)
English as an Art.... Marian C. Cole
Choosing a Vocation... Julia A. Essom
Piano Duet "To Arms" Ortlepp Op 2.... Marjorie Slaght, Frederica Young
Athletics.... Ray F. Leary (with only 3 boys in this class, probably every boy in the high school was on every team!)
Friendship.... Margaret Stearns
Russia, A Land of Opportunity.... Alice M. Laycock (interesting topic- at the time Russia was a socialist republic, but in December of 1922 the USSR was formed)
Violin Solo "Bolero" Bohm.... Milton J. Wickham
Valedictory.... The Greatest Invention.... J. Floyd Wyckoff
Presentation of Diplomas President of the Board of Education.... Mr. Jay B. Bradley 1922 graduation announcement Interlaken New York

I did find a photo of the school building at that time. It was across the street from the school I attended, and the builing had been torn down before I was born. It had a short life for a brick building. It was dedicated in 1905, and gone by 1950. The school I attended was dedicated in 1935, so perhaps it was razed not long after that. Interlaken High School 1922

I copied all those names because many of them will be familiar to folks local to that area.

In other news: I suddenly have four editing jobs, and I worked on them. I walked to the Post Office, did laundry, and worked on my other project.

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Ann said...

Another wonderful treasure. That looks like a nice school building. You're right it did have a short life. I wonder what would have made them tear it down after 45 years.

Lin said...

I think you could open your own museum with the collection you have! WOW! What amazing finds!!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- It was very close to the Reformed Church- I speculate that they wanted the property.

Lin- I sure could. I have stuff up the Wazoo.

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