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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ludington State Park- Details

  There were so many neat scenes from yesterday that I have to share a few more. Mostly details- you know I love patterns. This one is sand blown across a decaying log- I'm guessing hemlock from the red color. sand in decaying wood

I'll alternate patterns with more realistic views. There are several backwaters along Hamlin Lake where the surface is almost always really placid. lagoon with reflections

Pen and ink crosshatching? An effective illustration technique whether done by a human hand or the grasses, water and sun. crosshatched grass

Speaking of grass- it will grow just about anywhere it can find the tiniest toehold. grass on a stump in the water

And it softens the rotting logs and rises in sunbursts late in the day. grass on rotting logs

The reeds were singing with runs of melody and counterpoint, ties and slurs. curved reeds

Driftwood with moss? Or the skull of some ancient horned beastie? driftwood with moss in the water

And, as a parting shot... an extremely trite photo. Nevertheless, I caught that gull in just the right position, so I'm sharing it anyway. Winging it's way into the sunset. gull flying in late afternoon light

In other news: I wrote 717 words today and finished chapter 12. It seems like there should be more words, given how long I spent on it, but there it is. I took a 4-mile road walk. I started reading another book I'm editing. That's about it!

See My Favorite Ludington SP Loop

1 comment:

Ann said...

This is a great selection of photos. I like the patterns and I'm thinking that one is definitely an ancient horned beastie...lol

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