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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Brown and Down

  The leaves have pretty much lost their color and are down on the ground. I had a few extra minutes before bell choir practice, and there is a small trail system at the Methodist Church so I took a little walk. I was determined to find some picture worthy moments amidst the brown. brown fallen leaves

For starters, I found a few extra-large black oak leaves. black oak leaf

Occasionally there was a purple leaf. purple splotchy leaf

I like how the fungus is growing in rows. Since it's in the furrows of the bark, I suspect the woody material was thinner there and the fruiting bodies that grew up from the mycelium were able to break through easier. It's probably some polypore. fungus in rows

And proof that the leaves are almost all down. But the sky was interesting. This was just before practice and it was still almost 70 degrees. But that has all changed in the last three hours. Now we are getting rain/wind/lightning and falling temperatures. It's going to be back to what November weather is usually like tomorrow. cloudy sky

In other news: I did get the porch cleaned off, and some of the other outside tasks done that I didn't finish yesterday. Spent a lot of time looking for something I can not find (what else is new?). Tried to buy the accessory I need for my new toy, but I'm going to have to order it. Bought another plastic box because the mice got into something else that I care about. And I wrote 318 words. Not great, but at least it's moving in the correct direction. Oh, and bell choir practice.

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Ann said...

Glad you got out for a walk before the weather changed. I went to let Gibbs out this morning and it's pouring out.

Secondary Roads said...

Amazing. I read, "the fruiting bodies that grew up from the mycelium were able to break through easier. It's probably some polypore" and I understood it. I love oak trees, but maples win the fall foliage beauty contest.

Lin said...

We have been admiring a maple with lovely golden leaves for the past week...and then...in one day...they were all on the ground. It was so sad! Seems like they all hang on until the last second...

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- we sure got the rain last night. Dry today but much chillier

Chuck- hooray!

Lin- I love it when there is a golden puddle beneath a tree.

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