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Friday, April 12, 2019

Index for Fiberglass Trailer Refurbish

This is just a listing to all the posts about fixing the trailer for anyone who may want to use my experiences as a reference. Top picture below is where I'm currently at with the project. It's a 1985 Companion Fiberglass Trailer.

Companion Trailer

Bringing it home, day 1
Bringing it home, day 2
Bringing it home, day 3
Interior Tour
Future Plans
First Trip
Ready for the Second Trip
Assessing Needs 1
Assessing Needs 2
Redo Day 1 - gutting
Redo Day 2- gutting
Redo Day 3- Campa-Potti
Redo Day 4 - furnace removal
Redo Day 5 - cutting out air conditioner housing
Redo Day 6 - planning mockup
Redo Day 7 - philosophy and mockup
Redo Day 8 - begin fiberglass repairs
Redo Day 9 - shopping and mockup
Redo Day 10 - cleaning exterior
Redo Day 11 - cleaning exterior
Redo Days 12-13 - cleaning, stripping
Redo Days 14-15 - stripping, scraping
Redo Days 16-19- stripping and choosing fabric
Redo Day 20- large fiberglass repair
Redo Days 21-22- stripping
Redo Days 23-28- stripping
Redo Days 29-49- stripping, round 1
Redo Day 50- trying to remove the door
Redo Day 51- cleaning the crack
Redo Days 52-53- repairing the crack
Redo Days 54-55- sealing the crack
Redo Days 56-60 - paint residue removal
Redo Day 61- covering for the winter
Redo Days 62, 63- back to the windows
Redo Day 64- more paint prep
Redo Day 65- bondo and start paint
Redo Day 66- painting the undercoat
Redo Day 67- fixing window framing with Liquid Nails and Git Rot
Redo Day 68,69- staring to paint top coat
Redo Day 70- Trim Loc
Redo Days 71,72- Cleaning and Restoring the Window Frames
Day 73- Installing the Windows
Tiny Trailer Miscellany
Details About Internal Bracing
Redo Days 74,75- Template Tool
Redo Days 76,77- Interior Brace Templates
Redo Days 78,79- Electrical Decisions
Redo Days 80,81- Floor Preparation
Redo Days 82,83- More on the Floor
Redo Days 84,85 - Wheel Wells
Redo Days 86-88 - Bracing and Frustrations
Redo Day 89 - Some Bracing Progress
Redo Day 90 - Water Woes
Redo Days 91,92- Bracing and a Bench
Redo Day 93 - Waiting for Water, and a Wall
Redo Day 94 - Wall 2 and Playtime
Rollin' in the Sonshine- Intermediate Rollin'
Reality Check
Reality Check 2
Days 95-99, Finishing the structural walls
Days 95-102, Floor Drains
Days 95-103, Stopping the Leaks
Day 104, Temporary Door Fixes
Days 103, 105-107, Door Side Bench Front
Day 108 - Table Decision Tabled?
Days 108, 109 - Door Side Bench Seat
Day 110 - Starting the Interior Walls
Days 111, 112 - First Curved Wall Done
Days 112, 113 - And Some of the Trimmings
Days 107, 113 - Cushion Fun
Days 114, 115 - Back Wall
Days 115, 116 - Window Bracket Rollers
Rollin' in the Sonshine -2020 Interior Tour
Day 117 - Improving the Door
Day 118 - Bigger Bondo
Days 119-122 - That Big Hole
Day 123 - Scrub-a-Dub
Day 124 - Undercoat
Day 125 - Final Paint Scheme
Day 126 - Exterior Electric Decisions
Where I started:

Companion Trailer

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Ann said...

This list should make it easy for you also to quickly look back at what you did on a particular part of the process

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